for the love of your healing

I have a passion deep within my soul to help people overcome their limiting beliefs. Be it mental or emotional I know that I can help you to see things differently.


How do I know this on such a deep level? Because I have been there myself.  I know the pain associated with my past trauma, grief, lack of self-love and self-worth. (Read my story below.)


Who better to assist you in your journey than someone who knows what this feels like? Someone who can relate firsthand? 


Let me be the one to take you gently by the hand and travel step by step through the process so that you can shift your perspective, heal your wounds and help you release past traumas.


 In coaching sessions, I have the ability to use perception shifting to show you firsthand what is really at the core issue of why things are not working out for you or why you are in a struggle in your life.

Through Hypnosis &Journeying we can work on emotional and physical healing as well.


If you are tired of going through life the way you are now and are ready for a change I am here.

With love, 


My Story

My Mother used to tie me to the clothesline when I was two years old because I kept running away. This has been one of the themes of my life: trying to escape the traumas created by the adults around me. 

I was in my mid-thirties when my depression and anxiety caught up with me. I felt doomed to carry the heavy burden and heartache of my childhood traumas with me forever; a childhood woven with alcoholism, violence and abuse. I started therapy and after a few months, I didn't feel like anything was changing. In the sessions I was just talking about what happened, and it brought no relief to me.


And then one day a book fell into my lap. This book changed my entire life. It gave me such a sense of freedom! I was ecstatic! This book explained how our neurons in our brain could be written over with new data to erase the old templates. This was my initial dive into the world of Quantum Physics. The book was "What The Bleep Do We Know".  (I LOVE books btw, they have been my guiding stepping stones to healing and personal empowerment from the age of sixteen).


Since then, I have been soaking up all the knowledge I could find on healing ourselves from the inside out. I became a Coach, a Master Certified Hypnotist, a Past Life Regressionist, Studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other perception shifting methods, and continued studying Quantum Mechanics & Epigenetics. Any tool or resource that would clear the wounds of my childhood. This turned into my purpose and passion; helping others free themselves as well and live the life they always dreamed of. 

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