Community Guidelines

1. All we need is love..

We are all here for the same reason;  for support and sharing of our businesses to gain business. There is no other way to be but to be respectful of all who are in this space.    

2. Supportive  & Inclusive Language 

I think we all know how we would like to be treated, so its common sense to treat others the same way. Return the love. :) 

3. Promotions yes, Spam no. 

We are here to promote our businesses, so we can!  Monday is Post our Business Day. You can post any special or event you are having 3 times before your event or end of sale.  Blog posts and articles once a month, comments and support for others, unlimited!  Do not privately send your business promotions to anyone in this network without their consent. 

4. Privacy

Tribe has it's own privacy policy. I have included it in the Navbar link menu at the top of this page. As far as our privacy goes, keep things you don't want others to know to yourself.  This is a public space to those who join, but content is not visible to non-members.