The   book shelf

The Book Shelf


Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Evolve Your Brain by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself  by Dr. Joe Dispenza

You Are The Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

What The Bleep Do We Know

The Field by Lynne McTaggart

Frequency - The Power of  Personal Vibration by Penny Peirce

Leap of Perception by Penny Peirce

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Any Book by Gregg Braden

Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert, Ph.D

The Genie In Your Genes by Dawson Church, Ph.D

Cell-Level Healing by Joyce Whitely Hawkes, Ph.D

Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin, M.D. 

The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva

The Game of Life & How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

The Science of the Mind by Ernest Holmes

Abraham Hicks 


Raise Your Vibration by Sabrina Reber

The Path of Energy by Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND

The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl

Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden

Adam The Dreamhealer 

The Path of the Dreamhealer by Adam 

The Celestine Prophecy

Some Definitions


Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, between substance and attribute, and between possibility and actuality. (Wikipedia)


Quantum mechanics (QM; also known as quantum physics, quantum theory, the wave mechanical model, or matrix mechanics), including quantum field theory, is a fundamental theory in physics that describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles.(Wikipedia)



This is a beautiful definition by Mastin Kipp:

"Spirituality is the measure of how willing we are to allow Grace—some power greater than ourselves—to enter our lives and guide us along our way."
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