A Brand New Vision

Today marks six months for us since the world changed in March. It was the day that my husband began working from home. It has felt much longer than that. This picture represents where I want to be. A place somewhere in the mountains. A place of quiet contemplation and connection to the greater part of who we are. The divine eternity.

I am sure many others have felt the same way - wanting to escape from what we are encountering "out there". There is no avenue for me to make this a reality in my current life circumstances, so I had to concede and accept that the peace and serenity I seek must come from within me. It wasn't like I could really just up and leave anyway.

I haven't completed any of my business projects that were on the go before covid hit. I just dropped all of them, feeling that there was just too much turmoil out there for what I wanted to do to really matter. But, during that time there has been many changes and upheavals to my life at home, so maybe it was perfect timing to just deal with these things, work on de-cluttering my home, process the wounds that rose up, and tie up loose ends. Again, more acceptance. I see a theme emerging...

I have felt the energy shift and feel that it is time to step out once more. I finally completed adding my services to my website, adjusting them for online sessions. I am imagining myself standing on the mountain looking at this beautiful sun rise, holding hope in my heart for a world that is healed, no, not hope, FAITH. Faith in my heart that we will recover and that it will be better than ever before. Also, holding faith in myself for the dreams I have to help others awaken the healer within.

Until next time,


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