Book Highlight: "It Didn't Start With You"

On my path of self-healing, I have come across so many books that have lit up my mind as stepping-stones to my own empowerment. This book is the latest addition to my quest to transmute and transform the wounds of my life into pure healing and powerful empowerment.

This book reveals a new layer to me: the wounds we carry may not be our own. We may carry the wounds that are not ours but are ancestral wounds from our generational lineage. I have understood the workings of healing my own inner child, adolescent and young adult, as well as any wounds I have carried forward from my own past lives. This was a new layer for me, carrying the wounds of my immediate family or family members in my ancestral line.

This aha revelation has already cleared up a few mysteries that have plagued me. Two years ago, I had an intuitive reading done and I was told that I carried my mother energetically as she didn’t have enough of her own life force to carry on after my father got sick and they divorced. I was three and my sister one at the time. This was the second person that told me this and this was also second attempt to clear the heaviness in me that I had been holding for many years- my life time, really.

This second time, the clearing was more effective. I was holding tight to a huge sense of responsibility that was gifted to me as a child. I had to give myself permission to let it go. I was also asked if my mother had tendencies to not want to be here in life. I was told that those feelings that I have had that I didn’t have enough life force to make it in this life, the feelings that would overcome me to end my life, were not my own. I was stunned. And then I was relieved and elated. They were not mine! A huge perception shift occurred that I was not weak in life force energy. I felt so much freedom. When I read the book, this made so much more sense to me.

In November of 2020, a friend and I were having one of our awareness and growth chats and I was discussing a stressful issue I was having with my mother. She said she had a book that may be helpful. I looked it up and dismissed it initially because I figured I already knew about the wounds we carry etc., as I am my own student and teacher on this topic. But I also knew that when a book title is offered, I must answer, because for me, they are the steppingstones of knowledge from my own soul.

This book added a missing puzzle piece to the entire case study of “Healing My Wounds 101” It also gave me a huge perception shift. I was only on page 6 of the introduction when the answer to my mother dilemma was presented to me. It was one sentence and it snapped me out of my anger and tuned me into the awareness of what I was doing was not helping me heal. (This was what I was meant to read, guided through my friend to answer my own desperate plea to heal the active and painful wounds inside me. A magical connection! I love it when these things happen!)

What I also love about this book is that it gives synopses of the study of epigenetics and other quantum physics studies that I am deeply passionate about as keys to healing.

So, if you too are looking for answers, this is a good place to start. Happy reading and happy healing! If you do read it, I would love to hear what you think!

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