Can We Walk in the Shoes of Soul Six Feet Away?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Seeing things from a different perspective can be very healing. I have been observing the world and situations that have arisen due to our new circumstances. Frustrations are mounting and I would like to share some of these perspectives that may help shift our point of view to what others may be going through as well. Compassionate hearts can move mountains and I have seen a lot of compassion rise up as a result of this lock-down and it is so beautiful to see.

We can't know what struggles another is going through, unless we see or even experience it first hand, but this situation affects us all. We all look at the world through our own lens; from our own experiences that creates the template of how we experience the world. Together we are all struggling as one, and individually, our struggles are as varied as fish in the sea.

I wrote this to offer a view of a walk in another's shoes. Part of the first one comes from my experience, and part of the second paragraph is what I learned from a friend who is a teacher, and from a few posts I read from teachers.

Can we walk in the shoes of the child who is struggling with the new system of e-learning? A child that already has learning difficulties, who doesn't have the support of the teachers they once had?  A child whose parents struggle with understanding technology? A child with parents that just can't cope with being teachers too or a child whose parents are on the front lines/essential workers and can't help them with the school work?

Parents and children are each experiencing their own level of frustration and stress from the quickly implemented education replacement. Step into their shoes.

Can we walk in the shoes of a teacher who is not tech savvy and has their own frustration with this new teaching method? A teacher who is struggling financially too? A teacher who has their own children to help with online learning or a teacher who is trying their best to cope with it all as well?

Teachers are struggling too with this new system. Step into their shoes.

Can we walk in the shoes of a mother who decides to go to the cottage to protect their newborn child as the father is an essential and has to go out everyday and it is just too much stress for her to handle? A mother who gets verbally abused at the store where she went for more formula because "she doesn't live up there"?

Thinking that all cottage dwellers are selfish hoarders is false. Step into their shoes.

Can we walk in the shoes of the poor, who heavily relied on the food bank to survive but the supplies depleted because of fearful hoarding and now they are barely scraping by?

Depleted food bank donations are creating hungry children and families. We don't have a food shortage, we have fear-hoarding. Step into their shoes.

Can we walk in the shoes of seniors that need help from their children or services but can't get the help they need now?

Step into their shoes.

Can we walk in the shoes of those who lost their jobs or were laid off and are struggling to pay their bills and put food on their table?

Step into their shoes.

Can we walk in the shoes of those who need to go outside for a walk outside for fresh air and light for their mental and emotional health?  A breather from the house, from the family dynamic so that they can continue coping as best they can? 

Step into their shoes.

Can we walk in shoes that are not our own? Can we simply ask "I wonder what their struggle is?"

Maybe your struggle has filled your soul up to the brim and you are barely getting by without having to think about the struggle of another.  That is OK.

Understanding that the person 6 feet away is struggling too, is all we need to do.  

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