Manifesting Together To Create The World We Desire

When we are feeling helpless, and in this limbo state of waiting, of not knowing, we do have one superpower, and that is the ability to visualize and create the reality we want to experience.

It’s a quantum world after all. This means that our thoughts are energy, and energy creates. For example, if we focus on fear, we create more fear in our reality but if we focus on gratitude, we create more things to be grateful for and feel happier as a result. This energy we create from our thoughts and feelings reverberates out into the quantum field of potential and creates a timeline of reality that resonates with our frequency. We have that power!

I know it is hard not to focus on what is going on out there, as we have placed our trust in a government to make the right decisions for us. It is out of our hands, but it is not out of our minds, our hearts, or our power to choose this.

We are all powerful creators. We can be pro-active in this time of non-action. We can make a difference! What do you want to see in your immediate future?

Below is an exercise you can do daily to stay in alignment with what you want to see in your life and in the world right now. The more of us who do this, the more the momentum of energy rises to match our desires. The power of mass prayer, mass intention, is beyond our comprehension because we can’t see it, but it can move more than mountains, it can bring us the peace and harmony, the healing and happiness we all desire.

Manifesting Your Dream Earth Exercise

What kind of future do you want to have? This activity uses your imagination and puts the critical mind to rest for a bit. Your imagination is the pathway to create!

A tool for clarity to hone in on what you want is to make a list of what you don’t want any longer. This tool is called contrast. The world we live in is based on contrast. We see what we don’t like and we pivot towards what we do. We learn all our lessons through contrast.I have attached a contrast sheet here from the book “The Law of Attraction” by Michael Losier to help you clarify if you need to.

You can do this exercise in many ways; you can write it down as a future story, or as your future self, writing to you, you can draw it, or do a collage of pictures on using your computer. The key here is to FEEL what it would feel like to have it be apart of your life experience. Use all your imagination, go beyond what you currently see as “real”. You can also say “If I had all the power to make change, how would I change the world?” See yourself sitting on a cloud looking down on the earth and with the power in your hands, create!

Tune into this desired vibration daily, hold it in your mind and in your heart. Believe that you have the power to create the world you dream of!

Happy Manifesting!

Link to Contrast Sheet

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