Shifting Our Mind Set Out of Fear

Holding a Vision Beyond Our Current Circumstances

We are living in a unified state of a "Great Unknown" and it is causing much anxiety. The sentence that I repeat to myself and that I share with others who have anxiety is "This Too Shall Pass" and this is a truth because it will pass. There will be an end to this. Trust this.

We must believe in this just the same as we know there is an end to a rainbow and know that day will follow night. To quell our anxiety we must follow the rainbow to the other side of the horizon, trusting that the world will bounce back, trusting that we will thrive once again. Allow this belief to settle into your heart.

Envision the future you want to have: Our imagination is a very powerful tool to shift us out of fear and anxiety. Our mind and body do not know the difference between what is going on inside our head v.s what is happening outside. Our thoughts determine how we react. An example of this is how we react when watching a scary movie. It isn't real but we are afraid anyway aren't we? When we direct our mind, rather than letting our mind run around unconsciously, we can also take charge of our fear.

Take some time and imagine the future you want to see happening. Set "reality" aside and allow your mind to play. You can even write it out, draw or paint it if you are inspired to do so. Bring it to life! Hold this vision in your heart and mind and feel the immense joy you will feel when it comes to fruition. Just doing this exercise will release the stress in your body because you have just instructed your body to see differently. Observe how you feel before this exercise and then observe it again afterwards. If you are having trouble doing this, "suspend your disbelief". This is what we do when watch movies:

Merriam-Webster definition: to allow oneself to believe that something is true even though it seems impossible "The plot is ridiculous, but if you can suspend (your) disbelief, it's an enjoyable movie"

Breathe: Take deep, slow, calming breaths. Deep breathing calms our system down as well as oxygenates our body, which in turn boosts our immune system. If you have some calming essential oils, they will also assist in relaxing your mind and body, if you don't, and you have an orange, peel it and inhale the sweet smell of it. Oranges bring a happy peace to your senses. If you have lemons or limes, you can do the same thing. or what else do you have in your pantry that smells good to you? Vanilla extract, cinnamon sticks, rosemary, basil? Be innovative! You can blend your sense of smell with your future visualization and every time you smell your chosen blend of scents, it will help you to remember to relax.

Listen to calming music, meditations or affirmations:

My friend created a beautiful anxiety meditation I would love to share with you. I have added it below. I have also added a video with beautiful pictures of nature and calming music. If you can't go outside, just looking at nature will help calm you. Please share this with others you know it could help.

I hope these tools help you in your daily life, helping you move through this with more peace and serenity.

with love,


Watch the beautiful images and breathe in the wonder and magic of nature.

This is a beautiful calming anxiety meditation from Stephanie Marwood.

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