All Journey Sessions, Cell Level Healing and

Decording sessions have been adapted for online sessions. They are all 45 Minutes Long via Zoom.  

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Inner Child Journey

Online Session

Release the trauma from your childhood that is stored in your subconscious mind:

Are you carrying wounds, traumas, and pain from your childhood that is blocking you from peace and happiness?

Take this inner healing journey to connect you to old wounds and allow yourself to transform and heal.

It is your birthright to live a life full of love and joy! 


Ancestral Healing


Online Session

This journey takes you back to the origin of a wound that is carried down from generation to generation; one that is impeding your freedom to move forward in joy. We clear the wound and carry the healed energy to the present day, releasing you and future generations of the toxic energetic imprint.


Energetic Decording Session

Online Session

We are all connected by energetic cords. When there is discord between people, the energy can become toxic and make us feel a myriad of negative emotions. These cords can become encrusted with negative energy that has been compiled between people in close relationships. Fights, disagreements, hurt, sorrow, loss, unforgiveness, & no closure are a few examples of how the cords become heavy and toxic. This has a huge impact on the quality of our relationships and on our own energy field and quality of life.

I will guide you in the process of healing and restoring your relationships to a healthy vibration, releasing the negative energy from the cords and healing the energy between you. 

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Soul Journey

Online Session

Take a journey and connect to your soul. Have a question in mind, or ask for a message or guidance. Your soul is your larger part of you connected to Divine Intelligence. It knows you like no other. 


Cell Level


Online Session

Your cells are intelligent and they listen to you. If you have health issue that you would like to work on, we will work together from the level of the cells to clear the unhealthy energy that is stored there, releasing it and re-framing the energetic signature of your cells to express a desire for health and well-being.

Manifestation Journey

Online Session

What do you want in your life? This session is a daydream journey that guides you to your ultimate life's desire. Through imagery and feeling, we connect to source to bring it down into form; into reality.

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Power Animal Journey

Online Session

Animals are powerful teachers. When we call upon them to guide our way they show up with a strong presence of compassion, wisdom and grace. On this journey you will call upon a power animal to guide you on what you seek.  45 Mins.

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Past Life Adventure

*Currently Unavailable

Have you ever been curious about what past lives you have lived? Would you like to heal your karmic ties in your present life?

Do you have fears and phobias in this life that you can't figure out where they came from? 

Taking a past life adventure can be as simple as recalling a life you have lived before or can be more in depth to aid in healing and clearing up energy patterns that are no longer serving you in this lifetime. 

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