Welcome to UnityCom! 

There is a solution to every problem and this is my solution to needing a network community that offers a no bs way to authentically connect, gain visibility and help our small businesses thrive. 

1. Share Your Why

Your first step is to create an introduction post sharing your "why". (Why you do what you do.) What is your driving passion?  The spark that ignites your soul. 

This is connecting on an authentic level so we all can get to know each other and not just be a bunch of business strangers trying to get business.

2. Use Topics to Describe Your Brand & Location

I will be adding topics as business categories for easy searching but if yours is not there, please add your own. (Coach, Bakery, Accountant, Writer, etc.) Also add your location as a topic for local businesses, or use "online" for virtual services. 

3. Connect with Members - Three Magic Questions

If you don't see a member's "Why" post, ask them these 3 magic questions: What is your why? What are your business goals? How can I support you? 

Asking these questions creates a momentum of building a database of people you can refer and vice versa so that we all can help each other with business visibility. 

I am glad that you are here. See you out there!